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Cary Gymnastics

Cary Gymnastics

About Cary Gymnastics

Founded in 1981 by Armand and Anne Kranick, the Cary School of Gymnastics was created as an extension of the Raleigh School of Gymnastics, one of the largest private gymnastics schools in North Carolina. Both schools offer gymnasts the opportunity to have a tremendously positive learning experience while also having fun. Our staff members are committed to providing children with a safe environment where all students are instructed on an individual basis in a class setting while progressing at their own pace. In addition to traditional classes, we also offer homeschool, adult, and tumbling classes. Special programs include private lessons, open gym, Parent’s Night Out, and birthday parties. Contact us today for more information!


For more information please email or call us: [email protected]  OR 919.469.3127

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(919) 469-3127

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313 Ledgestone Way, Cary, NC 27519


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