Personal Branding Workshop with Alva Horton at Republic of Yoga

Stone Creek Village Admin
27 February 2018
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Calling all yoga teachers, makers, and artists! Join Alva Horton, the social media and marketing expert behind Gingham Creative and learn how to develop and cultivate your personal brand, to turn every day into an opportunity to change the world in your own special way. In this 2-hour course, broken down into 3 30-minute sessions with discussion & refreshments in between, Alva will share the keys to business wins, and how to avoid business hiccups; and how to find a direction with which to propel your business further. Together we can start making kindness, creativity and camaraderie the factors that make people famous.


Who are you? How do people see you? What makes you different? How will you change your world? You might already know all the answers for your business/product but have you evaluated and determined what will propel YOU forward?

Positive perceptions
Style analysis


How do you captivate and inspire others? More than just having an Instagram, facebook or LinkedIn page…what scent (metaphorically speaking) do you leave behind both digitally and in person?

Google search vs. reality
Visual identity
Social media
Healthy habits


Consistency is key but so is authenticity. How do you balance the two while sharing your passions? Moreover, how do you stay sane and humble in your success and have perspective in your failures?

Action plan / road map
Keeping up
Leaving something to the imagination
Pushing boundaries

Attendees will walk away with:

– a clearer idea of the first impression they make
– a checklist of ideas on how to optimize social media
– a new roadmap to achieve personal, physical and professional goals

Investment: $125

What to bring: A laptop or tablet, pen and paper, business cards.

Only 12 spots available; please sign-up early to reserve yours.

With a classical education in Interior Design, Studio Art & Architectural History combined with over a decade of experience in sales, marketing, and brand development, Alva began GINGHAM CREATIVE in 2013. Having worked and studied on both sides of the Atlantic, Alva maintains an international network of colleagues, freelancers, and marketing associates, helping her create sensational marketing footprints for businesses, individuals, and non-profit organizations alike. Throughout her career she has previously managed over 2000 accounts with clients as diverse as the US military and former professional athletes. Central to her belief in purpose over profit, she encourages her clients with the unwavering thought that the future is limitless when you are diligent, authentic & kind.